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Common Queries

What is your return policy?

We do no accept returns or exchanges due to hygiene purposes. However, we take pride in our customer service and if there ever is an issue with your purchase please contact us at

Do you offer custom orders?

Absolutely! Custom orders pricing depends on how extensive the design is. Email

Are the earrings heavy?

No. Our earrings are handmade from polymer clay & some brass pieces. Once baked and finished the total weight is around .1 oz to .2 oz.
They are the perfect earrings for those who may have weak earlobes.

How do I care for my earrings?

Our earrings are very durable but they are not indestructible.

  • The earrings are flexible but do NOT bend your earrings.

  • TO CLEAN: Wipe down with a baby wipe.

  • STORING: Keep earrings in a cool dry place,  away from other earring backings that may not cause scratching.

Why are there bubbles in my earrings?

All earrings are handmade from polymer clay and during the process of cutting out shapes and conditioning the clay some air bubbles will arise and slight imperfections happen. I try my very best to rid of any imperfections in my earrings to give you the best quality.

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