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●Hypoallergenic golden stainless steel for the jewelry findings

● Polymer clay & Resin


Handle these beauties with care.

●Limit exposure to water, hairsprays, oils, or perfumes.

●Keep them safe in a cool, dry place.

● To clean wipe with a baby wipe

C.ROSS MADE earrings are primarily created from clay and resin. Welcome the slight imperfections that give them character – from fingerprints and dust to texture, visible brush strokes, and gentle bubbling.

Indulge in the creativity that unveils in every earring. Every style was made to embrace all of the never-ending styles we as individuals possess. I create for all personalities. Bold, unique, daring, minimalist, extravagant, mild, calm, etc.


Some of my pieces requires a crafting time of just 14 days. I put my all into creating each piece, ensuring that it's nothing short of perfection. So, while you eagerly await rest assured that your new pieces will be worth the wait!

Squiggly studs

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